Community Funding Projects Requests

General Information

  • Community Project Funding (CPF), formerly known as earmarks, is a way for Members of Congress to submit specific local projects to be included in the annual appropriations bill for funding.
  • Each Member of Congress may request up to 15 total CPF’s across all 12 appropriations bills. (up from 10 last year)
    • Members may still request regular programmatic requests for accounts not designated for CPF’s
  • Only non-profits and government entities are eligible for funding.
  • All projects submitted by the Member will be posted publicly on both the Appropriations Committee and Member’s websites.
    • The website must contain the proposed recipient and address of the recipient, the amount of the request, and an explanation of the request, including the purpose and why it is a valuable use of taxpayer funds.
    • Representative Frankel must certify to the Committee that neither she nor her immediate family have any financial interest in the projects they request.
  • Projects should be able to show broad community support. This could include but not limited to letters of support from local legislatures, resolutions from local governments or city councils, press articles highlighting the need for the project, and local transportation or infrastructure plans.
  • Each appropriations account has specific guidelines and requirements, so please refer to the application for more information.
  • The Committee will limit Community Project Funding to no more than one percent of discretionary spending, a recommendation of the bipartisan House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.
Click here for general guidance.
Click here for the Agriculture form.
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The deadline for CPF requests has now passed.