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  • Medical society joins fight against opioid epidemic in PBC
    Posted in In the News on October 15, 2017 | Preview rr

    Written by: Christine Stapleton, Palm Beach Post After an unprecedented 590 opioid-related deaths in Palm Beach County in 2016, Palm Beach County doctors are joining the battle as a group against the opioid epidemic. The Palm Beach County Medical Society Services, a nonprofit that coordinates education and volunteer activities of the county Medical Society, held its first meeting this week to begin working on a medical plan to prevent overdose deaths. The group’s initiative will be overseen by t... Read more

  • Democrats Introduce Bill That Would Turn Title IX Guidelines Into Law
    Posted in In the News on October 12, 2017 | Preview rr

    Written by: Alanna Vagianos, Huffington Post A group of Democratic lawmakers unveiled legislation at a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Thursday afternoon that would protect Title IX after recent rollbacks by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. The new legislation, named the Title IX Protection Act, would codify into law three Title IX guidances that were created during the Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton administrations. These guidances ― the 2014 Questions and Answers on Title IX doc... Read more

  • Powerful Women Leaders: Lois Frankel
    Posted in In the News on October 10, 2017 | Preview rr

    Written by: Brianna Duncan, College Magazine Florida Congresswoman Lois Frankel worked hard in college both in her studies and as vocal activist. And now she works even harder for the underrepresented people in her community. She got involved in politics because she knew she wanted to help shape the system, knowing the importance of women having a voice and letting it be heard no matter the pushback. Frankel and the women around her are fired up to fight for the good and move forward. And they h... Read more

  • Disabled veterans honored at National Day of Honor in D.C.
    Posted in In the News on October 5, 2017 | Preview rr

    Written by: Eric Althoff, The Washington Times Disabled veterans were honored Thursday at the Inaugural Commemoration of the National Day of Honor for American Veterans Disabled for Life, held at the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. Speakers included Secretary of Veterans Affairs David J. Shulkin and Sen. Tammy Duckworth, the Illinois Democrat who lost her legs and the partial use of her right arm when a helicopter she was piloting in Iraq was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade. “... Read more

  • The child tax credit could “make or break” the Republican tax plan
    Posted in In the News on October 3, 2017 | Preview rr

    Written by: Anna North, Vox “We're targeting relief to working families," President Trump said last week of the just-announced Republican tax plan. "We will make sure benefits are focused on the middle class, the working men and women, not the highest-income earners." But the plan, at least as it stands now, looks like it would benefit the wealthy far more than the poor or middle class. That could be a deal breaker for some members of Congress, not to mention a problem for a president who prides... Read more

  • Florida Congresswomen Champion Nelson's, Rubio's National Advisory Committee on Seniors and Disasters Proposal
    Posted in In the News on September 28, 2017 | Preview rr

    Written by: Kevin Derby, Sunshine State News Two congresswomen from South Florida--Republican U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Democrat U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel--introduced the “Protecting Seniors During Disasters Act," a counterpart to a bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., last week. After 11 seniors died in a Hollywood nursing home during the hurricane earlier this month, Nelson and Rubio teamed up with U.S. Sens. Bob Casey, D-Penn., and Susan Co... Read more

  • Rep. Lois Frankel grew up in the 1950s. She’s resisted ‘pink and blue’ stereotypes ever since
    Posted in In the News on August 16, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Women's Economic Agenda, Women's Health Care

    Written by: Ashley Nguyen, The Lily When Rep. Lois Frankel was growing up in Great Neck, N.Y., in the 1950s, “it was a strange time,” the Florida Democrat said. There were very strong stereotypes about boys and girls. The message for girls was one we’ve all heard: Grow up, get married and have children. Frankel knew very few mothers who had careers. Divorce was out of the question. She calls it the “pink and blue time.” The Long Island public school she attended helped. When it came to team spor... Read more

  • Trumpcare stakes ‘life or death’ for Boynton mom after teen suicide try
    Posted in In the News on July 17, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    Written by: Charles Elmore, Palm Beach Post Congress’s GOP majority risks “political suicide” either by dismantling Obamacare or failing to replace it, partisans on opposing sides have claimed in the heat of the toughest legislative tangle of the Trump administration. Forgive Amanda Kopacz of Boynton Beach for concentrating more on her daughter, who attempted actual suicide last year. “It’s literally life and death,” said Kopacz, 39. “It’s whether we can afford the $1,500 per month for medicatio... Read more

  • A group of House Democratic women just held a press conference to decry Trump's 'petty vitriol'
    Posted in In the News on June 29, 2017 | Preview rr

    Written by: Becca Stanek, The Week A group of House Democrats assembled Thursday to express their outrage over President Trump's sexist tweets earlier in the morning. "Mr. President, it is time for you to take a timeout," said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), just hours after Trump called Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski "low I.Q. Crazy Mika" and claimed he'd refused to allow her to join him at Mar-a-Lago because she was "bleeding badly from a face-lift." Speier suggested it's "not normal for a... Read more

  • Dem. Women's Working Group pushes for paid family leave
    Posted in In the News on June 21, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Women's Health Care

    Written by: Erica Pandey, Axios The House Democratic Women's Working Group held a hearing on paid family leave, hosting advocates and state legislators to accelerate the national conversation about the issue. Why it matters: The U.S. is the only developed nation without paid family leave on a national scale, but support for leave is widespread. Four states have already passed legislation, and several others are currently debating the issue in state legislatures. Ivanka Trump and Marco Rubio rece... Read more