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Democratic Women’s Caucus Chair Statement in Support of Bill Defending Reproductive Freedom

Washington, DC – Today, Representative Lois Frankel (FL-22), Chair of the Democratic Women’s Caucus, released the following statement in support of the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH) Act.

“People, not politicians, should have the freedom to make their own personal decisions about their health, lives, and future,” said Rep. Frankel, Chair of the Democratic Women’s Caucus. “The right to access safe and legal abortion is a fundamental human right, and yet for far too long, the Hyde Amendment has created unjust barriers to access for low-income individuals, people of color, and those in rural areas. The EACH Act is a vital step toward ensuring that all individuals can make their own health care decisions, regardless of their income or zip code. It would provide financial coverage for abortion care for patients on Medicaid and other government-sponsored health plans thereby dismantling discriminatory policies that prevent low-income women from accessing the care they need. Congress should pass this legislation without delay.”

The EACH Act would provide coverage for abortion care for patients on Medicaid and other government-sponsored health plans. This would end the unjust coverage restrictions that are currently in place under the discriminatory Hyde Amendment, a policy that blocks federal funding for abortion services.

Specifically, the EACH Act would:

  • Ensure those enrolled in government health insurance plans, like Medicaid, and their dependents have coverage for abortion care;
  • Ensure those who are enrolled in a government-managed health insurance program due to an employment relationship—federal employees, retirees, dependents, and survivors—have coverage for abortion care;
  • Ensure those who receive their health care from a government provider or program have access to abortion care through these providers and programs; and,
  • Prohibit federal government from restricting or interfering with the decision of an insurance plan or market to offer coverage for abortion care, including in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Early into the new 118th Congress, the Republican House has already passed two anti-abortion bills in their quest for a nationwide ban. Democrats overwhelmingly resisted these efforts.