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Congresswoman Lois Frankel calls for action on gun control

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West Palm Beach, FL, October 6, 2017 | comments

Written by: Thomas Forester, CBS 12 WPEC

Congresswoman Lois Frankel is pushing for what she calls "common-sense legislation."

It's an effort to help protect Americans from gun violence.

Frankel wants restrictions on high-capacity magazines, expanded background checks and a ban on bump stocks, which are devices that convert semi-automatic weapons into nearly fully automatic machine guns.

It's the same device used by the Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 people last weekend.

"The NRA is opposed to any gun regulation" says Frankel. "Now they are trying to take this proposal to ban bump stocks and push it for a review."

Frankel says Republicans have refused to act on gun legislation.

However, when asked why Democrats didn't do more when they had the majority, about gun control, Frankel had this to say:

"When President Obama became president and the Democrats had the majority, they decided to take on healthcare."

Scott Palmer lives in West Palm Beach and is a former gun owner. He says banning bump stocks are one thing.

However, stiffer gun laws are something else.

"Not a full gun ban," says Palmer. "No, that's our right, it's in the amendments. That's where I stand."

Congresswoman Frankel says she is not asking for a full gun ban, but says she has bipartisan support on her measure and she's hoping for the best.

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