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ICYMI: Rep. Frankel Supports Bipartisan Funding Bills on the House Floor

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Washington, December 18, 2019 | comments

Washington, DC – On Tuesday, Rep. Lois Frankel (FL-21) took to the House floor to support the bipartisan collection of funding bills which will provide $200 million for restoring the Everglades—the largest federal investment in the project to date.

The bill passed the house by a vote of 297 to 120 and now goes to the Senate.

Below are Rep. Frankel’s remarks as delivered:

“Thank you, Madam Speaker.

And thank you to our illustrious chair for your great work. Madam Speaker, later today in the Energy and Water Resources bill, it will include significant funding for a critical, bipartisan environment issue for my home state of Florida.

Known as the River of Grass, the Everglades is a 100-mile-long natural region of tropical wetlands that is the main source of water for millions of Floridians and visitors.

It contains one of Florida's, and America's, most popular national parks, it is home to hundreds of animal species.

The state of Florida and the federal government are engaged in a long-term undertaking to restore its natural flow and improve water quality.

This bill, Madam Speaker, includes $200 million to Everglades restoration, the largest allocation ever, by the federal government for this project.

It will help protect South Florida's magnificent ecosystem, keep our water safe, and drive our economy.

Thank you, and I yield back.”

For video of the speech, click here.


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